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Transkills: supporting transition to University


This resource is based on materials produced by Faculty staff for lectures and presentations that are available to you as a new Historian at the University of Cambridge.

Although this resource is aimed at first year undergraduates, there are a range of factors that influence transition to study at university. You may find that sections of this resource are relevant to you at different stages, including later years, as you adjust to different and more demanding expectations. The content is structured around students' frequently asked questions, which you can access whenever suits you:

You are not expected to work through each section in a linear fashion, although the navigation panel on the left enables you to do so if you prefer. You can also work through a whole resource via the following links:

The content of this resource is not the 'official line'; you will not find any templates on how to write the perfect essay, for example, but useful models are provided on how to help yourself and how to get the best out of your time here, as well as providing you with a framework for discussion with your supervisors when things don't go according to plan.