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Think about the structure suggested by different kinds of questions. How would you approach each of these?

Simple proposition/question

  • ‘Marriage does not provide a satisfying conclusion in Cervantes’s novelas.’ Discuss.

Proposition/question implying two possibilities

  • ‘Time in Cien años de soledad is not linear, but circular.’ Discuss.
  • Does the verisimilitude of the characters or the setting enhance or detract from the overall dramatic effect of a literary work?

No proposition; single idea

  • Discuss the social impact of Russian industrialization strategies.
  • Discuss the treatment of power in texts by TWO OR MORE authors.

No proposition; more than one idea

  • Discuss the relationship between fantasy and memory in Martín Gaite’s El cuarto de atrás.
  • Discuss the significance of the links between TWO of the following with reference to TWO OR MORE authors: (i) identity; (ii) space; (iii) honour; (iv) gender.


How can you construct an argument if one is not implied by the question?

How can you make sure that you are really answering the question?