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Transkills: supporting transition to University


Reflect upon your own revision practices by responding to the questions within this document (pdf).

Focusing on the exam

  • study past papers (what are you looking for?)
  • read examiners' reports (available from the MML library)
  • read the marking criteria (available from the Faculty website)
  • practice writing timed essays
  • practice planning essays
  • how will you choose what to learn by heart?

Essay writing for exams

  • streamlined, focused version of supervision essays. Usually you will have enough time to write an introduction, 3-5 substantial paragraphs and a conclusion. You will need to write concisely and cover ground quickly.
  • plan accordingly: identify 3-5 major areas or steps in your argument
  • spend 10 minutes thinking and planning before starting to write
  • read the question several times and focus on it carefully. What is it asking you to do?