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Transkills: supporting transition to University


These resources have been developed primarily for first year students in response to feedback from supervisors within the Biological Sciences and are designed to support transition from school/college into academic writing at University; they should relate to the ways your supervisor provides feedback on your work.

The activities in this package are subject-specific and designed to encourage independent learning which you can then apply to your own writing now and in the future. It is therefore important that you attempt activities before you access the feedback. Remember also that academic writing is personal; there is no definitive way to produce 'good' academic writing and that different supervisors may have different views. We have therefore consulted a range of supervisors to ensure that the feedback offered here will be comprehensive and valuable.

Guidance and activities are based on core criteria produced by Assessment Plus (pdf). Please note that criteria relevant to you may depend on your course and year of study; you should refer any uncertainties to your supervisor or Director of Studies. These resources are arranged into the following categories: