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It is beyond the scope of this exam writing package to address the more generic issues of revision strategy and exam technique. However, you might wish to take the following checklist into consideration adapted from Stella Cottrell's Study Skills Handbook*. Some issues are addressed within this package, but if you are interested in developing memory strategies, for example, it may be worth obtaining this book.

  • Do you know exactly where the exams are?
  • Are you aware how many questions are required for each exam?
  • Have you worked out how many topics you need to revise for each exam?
  • Are you aware of the range of questions that can come up for each topic?
  • Have you made a realistic revision timetable, with clear priorities?
  • Have you worked on exam essays using past papers?
  • Have you practised writing out essays at speed?
  • Have you taken time to assess and improve the quality (content, legibility, structure, clarity) of your speed-writing?
  • Have you planned how to use your time most effectively in the exam?
  • Are you aware of the differences between exam and supervision essays?
  • Are you aware of strategies to manage exam stress and use it effectively?

* Cottrell, S., (2003) The Study Skills Handbook. 2nd ed. Basingstoke, Palgrave Macmillan