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Barrass, R. (2002): Scientists must write (2nd Ed.), London, Routledge. Find this in the UL

pp. 35- 39 include subject-specific activities re-enforcing the value of learning to critically assess your own writing and that of others.

Barrass, R. (2005): Students must write (3rd Ed.), London, Routledge. Find this in the UL (1995 Ed.)

p. 49 outlines the benefits of peer- and self-assessment of written work and includes an interesting example of an essay plan in the form of a list.

Cottrell, S. (2003): The Study Skills Handbook (2nd Ed.), Palgrave Macmillan. Find this in the UL

p. 193: 'Using feedback from tutors'. Essentially, this page offers a model for an action plan, helping you to respond to feedback and make improvements.

Creme, P. & Lea, M. (2006): Writing at University (2nd Ed.), Maidenhead, OUP.

pp. 135-139, useful information on variability of feedback, relevant to this university.

Drew, S. & Bingham, R. (2007): The Student Skills Guide, (2nd Ed.), Aldershot, Gower.

See especially chapter 31: 'Reflecting on your experience', which suggests ways to self-reflect and produce action points enabling you to build on your existing skills.

Oxford Brookes Assessment Standards Knowledge Exchange (ASKe) resources: 

Palgrave Study Skills: