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Analysing the title further may help you to break down the distinct steps that you will need to move through in order to address the title successfully. This strategy works well using either questions or instructions according to your preference and will help to ensure that you have not overlooked any aspects implied in the title, omitted any stages in your reasoning, or failed to pursue your thinking to the highest level you can. It may also be an aid to structuring and planning your writing. Whichever type of title you have, break it down into either a list of questions to answer, or a list of instructions to follow. These questions or instructions could be viewed as proceeding up the hierarchy of learning. You could try using the range of question words to see if this helps you break the title down: What, who, where, how, why, etc.


Try to break down the following question:

How does Shakespeare represent mental turmoil?

Once you have some suggestions, click here to access examples for comparison.