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If you are set a title, either by your Supervisor or in an exam, it is worth considering the way in which it is phrased - partly to ensure that you have understood it correctly and are engaging with it accurately, but also to determine what type of title it is and what sort of response it demands, to gauge the level of learning you should be working at. If you are formulating your own title, it is also worth considering the different sorts of title you could set, so that it is appropriate and does not limit your response.

This section will cover three sorts of title, and strategies you might use to address them.

'Real' questions: In the Canterbury Tales, how far is 'the Knight's Tale' suited to the teller?

Instructions: "In the Canterbury Tales, Chaucer is constantly concerned with subverting expectations of genre." Discuss, using examples from two or more genres used by Chaucer.

Implied or topic titles: Chrysogone and chastity in The Faerie Queene

Regardless of the topic, you may have preferences about which format you find the most approachable, although they are equally challenging. Reflecting on this may be useful in an exam context, or when developing your own questions.