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This resource has been designed so that you can use it in whatever way suits you best. It is not intended to offer a prescriptive, 'how to' formula, but a range of strategies to explore and experiment with as you see fit. As a student, you are the expert in how you work best and what guidance you need. There are therefore several routes through this resource, and you can explore as much or little of it, in whatever way you wish. Some of it might be most useful at the very beginning of your studies, to help you orientate yourself in the transition to university. Other material might make most sense after you've been studying for a while, in the light of your own experience as a Cambridge English student.

  • You could navigate through each page in a linear way, using the left-hand menu or next button at the bottom of the page. However, the resource is quite large, and not all of it might be useful or relevant to you.
  • There are several pages which help you decide which route through the resource might be most relevant to you, based on your learning experiences, preferences and priorities. Others offer a range of options to explore in any order, or pick and choose from.
  • If you have little time, or are looking for guidance on a specific issue, you could use the site map at the end of the resource (see left-hand menu)
  • You might be directed to an example or a related resource which may have further useful guidance. In this case, it will open in a new window.

The sample texts you will see in this resource are from real student essays. They are authentic, and as such, do not necessarily offer a model of how an essay should be written, but are a means of exemplifying certain points.