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There are many sources of advice on managing the process of researching and writing an essay. Your Director of Studies or Supervisor can help to answer many of your questions. Alternatively, you might approach:

  • If you have questions about researching or reading for your essay, your College, Faculty or University Librarians will always be happy to help you find what you're looking for and develop your research skills.
  • The Counselling Service may be able to offer guidance on any areas where wider issues such as procrastination or perfectionism are impacting on your work. They have a range of leaflets and other self-help resources, and run group sessions such as the 'Can't Work' group.
  • Your College Nurse can offer guidance on time management and maintaining a healthy work/life balance and stress.
  • The Disability Resource Centre can offer study tutorials and other guidance for students who have a disability, of who are concerned that they might have a Specific Learning Difficulty.
  • Some colleges have a Skills Tutor or Royal Literary Fellow you can approach for advice.

You could also talk confidentially to someone in the Student Advice Service.