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There are several libraries which might contain materials which are relevant to you as an English student.

  • Your College Library is perhaps the most immediate source, and although its holdings for English may not be as extensive as other, larger or more subject-specific libraries, it has the advantage of being convenient and offering a good starting point for your reading, with primary works and secondary texts which may give a good introductory overview to the topic. It will also offer access to all the electronic resources available in the University. Your College Librarian can answer your questions, help you develop your research skills and signpost you to other areas if the College library does not hold what you need.
  • The English Faculty library's holdings are dedicated to the study of your subject, and you may find both general and specific resources, including primary texts. The Faculty Librarians are a great source of information, and can answer questions and help you develop your research skills. The Faculty Library offers Quickstart training sessions on various aspects of research, and its website also has a great deal of helpful information. Like other libraries in Cambridge, it offers access to all the electronic resources available in the University. There may also be relevant books in other Arts and Humanities Faculty Libraries, such as Modern and Medieval Languages or History.
  • The University Library is a world-class resource. It is in many ways a research library, and is therefore perhaps less geared towards undergraduate study, but may be useful if you cannot find copies of a book elsewhere or if you need something very specific which is unlikely to be found in other libraries. It may not be your first point of call, but it is very useful if you cannot find a text elsewhere. 

Copies of books may be in a number of different libraries and may also get borrowed very quickly. It will save you time if you have all the details to hand when you go to find what you need.