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"The search terms I'm using don't seem to produce much that's relevant"

An issue many library users have when they are using the catalogue search is that they simply cannot think of the best search term. If you can't think of the right words, the wordcloud facility in LibrarySearch might be able to help you. LibrarySearch can help you be more creative about searching and offers alternative suggestions. The word cloud will:

  • Find associations that have something to do with the term you used.
  • Provide spelling variations of the term you used.
  • Find translations of your search term in a variety of languages that it is found within the library.
  • Thesaurus terms: both synonyms and antonyms of your search term.
  • Word variations (stemming) that include any variants of your terms.
  • Discovery trail: your initial search term and subsequent selected terms from the wordcloud.

For an example of a search for Chaucer and dreams using wordcloud, click here.

"I've typed the title of the book in, but it hasn't come up"

If you do not find any results that seem to match what you are looking for, you could try:

  • Instead of searching for a full title just try keywords
  • If there is a number (e.g. '14th') in the title, try the word instead (e.g. 'fourteenth')
  • Try the advanced search where you can search, for example, an author (perhaps the title you have is inaccurate?) Bear in mind that errors on reading lists can be made, and be prepared to be flexible.

If you have any problems in finding resources, then the best strategy is to ask a librarian. Your College, Faculty or University Librarians will always be happy to help you find what you're looking for and develop your research skills.