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Your supervisors will be looking for your argument to be structured cohesively throughout.

  1. How easily can you summarise the main point of each paragraph into one sentence?
  2. Is the argument clearly structured? e.g. chronologically or thematically
  3. Do the paragraphs/ elements of the argument relate to one another and the essay question?
  4. What could this student do to improve the cohesion of their argument?

Ask these questions of this supervision essay (pdf). You can use the highlighting and comments functions to make notes. Alternatively, try doing the same exercise with one of your own supervision essays. Supervisor comments are available below.



Now click here to access Supervisor comments on the argument presented in this essay, to compare with your notes. It is worth remembering that these comments would normally be offered within the context of supervision discussion and not in isolation as they are here. Your supervision is your opportunity to clarify any misinterpretations or ambiguity. It is helpful to be explicit about your thought processes and the way you approached the essay, including your reading. Supervisors will differ in their preferences and guidance.