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Transkills: supporting transition to University


Communication skills include: written, oral, non-verbal, formal or informal and active listening

Development opportunities within the Tripos system

Written communication skills are developed through the appraisal of your written work. Your tutors should be able to aid you in improving your:

  • clarity of writing;
  • layout and presentation;
  • referencing and use of appendices, bibliographies and diagrams;
  • more specialist techniques such as translations and technical drawing or writing.

Oral communication skills can be developed through:

  • presentation of work and ideas in supervisions and seminars;
  • discussion and debate between peers and supervisors;
  • presentation of research work at informal or formal symposia or conferences.

Extra-curricular development opportunities

These include participating in:

  • internal and external conferences;
  • drama societies;
  • University radio;
  • student newspapers.