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Transkills: supporting transition to University


For example: critical, analytical, synthesising and problem-solving skills.

Development opportunities within the Tripos system

Lectures, seminars, discussion groups, practicals, research projects and fieldwork encourage the:

  • assimilation of new knowledge;
  • development of a critical analysis of the field of study;
  • application of basic principles in a wider context.

Supervisions provide opportunities for:

  • close and regular contact with academic staff;
  • development of structured arguments;
  • discussion with peers and supervisors.

Examinations, essays and set problems assess skills of:

  • comprehension;
  • argument and analysis;
  • planning and information-gathering;
  • report writing;
  • time management and working under pressure.

Extra-curricular development opportunities

These include participating in:

  • College and University academic societies;
  • internal and external conferences;
  • competitions.